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Why choose for research

Our research culture

Our purpose is to create knowledge and put it into action. We develop fairer, healthier, and more prosperous and sustainable societies.

What does research mean at

At we have established an open and inclusive environment that encourages interdisciplinary research to flourish.

We create and explore new ideas and approaches to tackling problems faced by societies.

Research is about positive transformations, shifting the way we live and navigate challenges – regionally, nationally and globally.

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Research allows us to deliver innovative education and meaningful impact

The difference

We are locally rooted and globally connected through our campuses across the world. We value the richness and diversity of research and all forms of knowledge. Our staff, strategy, support and training for research are key to our identity as a university. We also promote equity and diversity of research careers.

We are committed to responsible research. This means research rigour, integrity and ethics. Impact is part of our mission and values, underlining our broader contribution to society.

Changing local and global communities

Our commitment to change is outlined in our strategy and our cross cutting themes. We co-create our research objectives and approaches with the research community and our wider partners. We promote openness, inclusivity, collaboration and respect for forms of knowledge.

Our network of partners and stakeholders allow us to move knowledge from its point of creation to its point of use and value.

We see the research community as researchers, participants, partners, funders, academic and professional support colleagues, students, technicians, external partners and collaborators. We are change makers and transformation catalysts – connecting ideas and solutions to application and exploration.

Making an impact

Impact that transforms society can only be understood from the perspective of those who stand to benefit from the research the most. Creating impact changes discourse, thinking, policy or practice.

We share our research through a range of tools including academic publications, policy workshops and briefs, films, art, technological innovations, business structures, peacebuilding toolkits in multiple languages, and many others.