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Freedom of information

Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities

In implementing the Freedom of Information Act 2000, promotes an understanding of the work undertaken within the University to foster a spirit of trust with the public and other organisations.

We achieve this by promoting transparency in the way we make our decisions and by providing clear information about our policies and processes through our publication scheme.

We deal with individual requests for information courteously and promptly and provide advice and assistance if necessary.

Classes of information

Classes of information

A requirement of the Act is to specify "classes" of information that the University will publish within its Publication Scheme. The Information Commissioner issued a 'Model Publication Scheme' and from 1st January 2009 adopted the 'Model Scheme'.

The Model Scheme contains 7 classes of information and these are as follows:

By adopting the Information Commissioner's 'Model Scheme' is committed to the following:

  • To provide a means of ensuring the public is aware of the sorts of the information the University has committed to make readily available, how they can access it and whether they will have to pay for it
  • To review and update the information on a regular basis


The information you receive under this Publication Scheme may be copyright protected and if so, you may need permission from the University to reproduce or re-publish it.


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