Professional services

Our dedicated staff at every level of university life make a transformative difference to the lives of our students and to the lives of people both locally and globally through our education, research and knowledge exchange, and engagement.

Our services staff

Education and Student Experience

Edel Mahony
Academic Registrar

Jane Hoar
Interim Director of Academic Quality

Gurdip Binning
Director of International Recruitment and Academic Partnerships

Professor Darryll Bravenboer
Director of Apprenticeships & Professor of Higher Education Skills

Deeba Parmar
Head of Academic Practice Enhancement

Paul Kirk
Director of International Preparatory Programmes and Exchanges

Matthew Lawson
Director of Library and Student Support

David Malpas
Director of Student Affairs

Jack Tims
Head of MDXworks

Research and Knowledge Exchange

Dr Mark Gray (Pro Vice-Chancellor)
Director of Knowledge Transfer

Amanda King
Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer Office

People and Culture

People and Culture

Busola Phillips-Scarlett
Director of People, Partnering and the Employee Offer

Kim Rayment
Head of Organisation and Staff Development

John Soper
Director of Inclusion and Wellbeing

Kelly Speller
Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Marketing and Communications

Elita Eliades
Acting Director of Student Marketing and UK Recruitment

Maria Luisa Ross
Director of Strategy and Insight


Andrew Corti
Executive Director of Finance


Zuzana Botkova
Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Smith
Director of Facilities

Paula Vickers (Pro Vice-Chancellor)
Director of Computing and Communications Systems Services

Press Office