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Two women sitting at a table, engaged in conversation and enjoying each other's company.
Student support

We're here when you need a hand

Two women sitting at a table, engaged in conversation and enjoying each other's company.

We're here when you need a hand

We're here when you need a hand

"I chose primarily because of the huge package of support I would receive here as a student, including things like the enhancement team, a personal study tutor and, pastoral and mental health care and support." Bronwyn, BSc Nursing (Mental Health)

"Whenever there is an issue or you want to talk to someone about anything, your personal tutor is on hand at the drop of an email." Keely, BSc Midwifery

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Hi, I'm Kemi and I am here to tell you about the wellbeing help you can get, like personal, emotional and academic support. Also, you're able to make the most out of your uni experience. It's completely normal to be facing challenges around unii, especially lately.  


During the pandemic, there's actually been more personal support, all of our services are online from one -to -one sessions to drop -ins that all fit around your timetable. If you need help with your learning and require academic support, our library teams offer one -to -one sessions that can help the skills such as referencing to help you with you course.  


Student earning assistance and graduate academic assistance will also be in your course, these are experienced students that will have previously been on your courses that we'll be able to give you more hands -on help.  


You can actually book online help for your student learning assistance, these will be help to you study skills and revision techniques to help you smash your silence. We have free personal and mental health services at the uni to help you whenever you need someone to talk to.  


Our welfare team are always making sure that you're given the right advice whenever your going through tough times. we have three counseling services to help to cope with financial, personal or academic support that you may need.  


If you've got a condition that affects the way you can study then our disability and dyslexia team can offer support whenever needed. They offer confidential advice that can help with adjustments on your course and can help things such as a plan for funding.  


You might prefer to check out what's on offer in your own time. We've created loads of resources. Our Wellbeing Toolkit has a full program of events, activities and resources to help you take care of yourself.  


If you want to find out more about the support you get here, check our support and wellbeing input on the website to find more out about our services and how to get in touch with our teams. Bye and hope to see you all soon.  

Looking After Your Mental Health and Wellbeing at

Our support services

Support that's personal to you

If you have a condition that affects your studies. We can help. Contact our Disability and Neurodiversity team.

Our specialist teams will support your emotional wellness and mental health. You will be able to attend free individual counselling sessions, workshops and support groups. We'll also give consultations and refer you to external services and other specialists for other types of care.

We celebrate different religions with prayer rooms and places of worship on campus and in the local area. Our are also a good support network.

Education can be a challenging experience without the support of a family network. We'll support students you if you are in care or estranged from your family.

Dogs Maisie and Winnie reduce stress and anxiety. They can work with your department to find ways to help reduce your stress and anxiety. They might come to your classes and there are weekly drop-in sessions where you can meet them.



" has been really good to me and I received support, library help, and free printing. All of my tutors remained open and accessible which made it so much easier to approach them with problems or questions. There have also been revision sessions and optional one to one meetings with the academics." Faiza Yasmin Ahad, BSc Psychology with Neuroscience

Financial support, careers and part-time jobs

If you're having financial, practical or legal difficulties during your studies, we can help. We can help you plan your finances, including your loan, and answer questions about things like benefits and housing.

We offer scholarships, bursaries, cost reductions, free laptop loans, and job opportunities.

We help with financial, practical, and legal difficulties. Contact us or make a .

Our will help you find work that pays the London Living Wage and above. Last year we employed 747 students on campus. 

Our Careers & Employability Service, MDXworks will help you secure placements, projects and networking opportunities.

Find out about discounts, free tools and resources, advice and support for managing your uni budget.

"They've got our backs, man. They offer academic support, career advice, and even counselling and wellbeing services. They want us to thrive in every aspect of our lives, not just academically. It's like having a squad of cheerleaders cheering us on! So, if you're looking for an epic university experience, is the place to be." Usman, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics BSc (Hons)

Academic support

If you need help with your studies, we'll find the right service for you, whether it's connecting you with an academic or helping with English language, writing skills and subject-specific support.

Get expert advice from our helpdesk about things like searching for resources or how to use specialist software. Book onto training sessions and one-to-one tutorials to learn skills like referencing at an advanced level.

Our Sheppard Library has over 350,000 books, 1,000 study areas and more than 600 computers. Our team will give you expert advice and train you to use resources, software, and referencing techniques.

You’ll find student learning assistants - experienced students from the years above - in some of your sessions. They have personal experience of learning your subject and understand any challenges.

You can join drop ins for support from our graduate academic assistants, who also studied your subject at , and who work alongside staff.

Improve your English with language teaching and courses before you start.

We will support you with free workshops and one-to-one tutorials with your personal tutor.

Need more help?

Our specialist student services will support you with everything staying healthy to optimizing your happiness. Talk to us and we'll do our best.