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Living costs: Uni on a budget

We know that course fees and living expenses are an important investment. We do everything we can to make uni affordable so you can make the most of your time as a student and hopefully worry less about your budget.

We know that course fees and living expenses are an important investment. We do everything we can to make uni affordable so you can make the most of your time as a student and hopefully worry less about your budget.

With the rising cost of living, we’ve made extra grants and bursaries available, we’re reducing the costs of studying and we’re offering personal financial advice.

Help with uni costs
Help with uni costs
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At , we want uni study to be affordable for everyone, and for you to have the money that you need to make the most of your time here as a student. But we know the rising cost of living means that you might be facing tough times, so we are here to tell you how uni can help you.  


We can help you get more money to cover the cost of uni, like travel, accommodation and childcare. That includes finance that you don't have to pay back, like our living cost fund as well as scholarships and bursaries.  


You can also apply for loans and grants from the government. Getting your head around these different financial support options can be a challenge. That's why our Student Welfare Advice team are here to explain what you're eligible for and give you a hand if you make an application.  


Plus, MDXWorks can help you find jobs on and off campus that pay the London living wage and above. The uni covers cost for day -to -day things that you need for your studies. All this stuff is for free.  


Laptop loans, e -books and e -journals, plus all the books on your reading list, specialist software, academic printing, online training with LinkedIn Learning. There's also loads of free expert support for your studies, as well as for your emotional wellness and mental health, which is good to know if you're worried about money.  


We can give you advice and tips to make student life more affordable, like your energy bills, free cheap and fresh food on campus, discounts on big brands and local shops, and paying less to get around London.  


Plus, there is advice on budgeting too. So if you're worried about money, take that first step to ask for support. I can't wait. The one time it came out right is... Okay, alright.  

Help with uni costs

Plan your budget

Plan your budget

Here is a guide to help you plan your finances while you're studying.

You should consider how much money is available to you, and then factor in everything on which you need or want to spend it. You could break this down on a weekly or monthly basis to help you plan your expenditure.  

Your costs will be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle and priorities, as well as your budget. See our tips on how to plan your budget for more details.

Not counting tuition fees or visa costs (if relevant), you are likely to need around £1,200 per month to live comfortably if living away from home. It is possible to get by on less than this by budgeting carefully and making savings.

Cost of study


  • Accommodation and bills 
  • Food and drink 
  • Transport

Other costs

  • Entertainment
  • Wellbeing 
  • Clothes and shopping
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It's completely normal to be worried about your finances while you're at uni, but don't worry there's a lot of ways to stay on top of your money as a student. From funding your studies to earning extra cash, here's some top tips on how to make your own money go further.  


Take out a Student Friendly Loan. Tuition fees can seem a little confusing at first but most students take out loans to cover them. You can also take a maintenance loan to cover your general expenses for things like living costs, travel and more.  


And you won't need to pay these loans back until after you graduate and are earning above a certain amount. Look out for scholarships. Lots of universities offer scholarships or bursaries which are awards that you don't need to pay back.  


They're awarded to students for different reasons such as personal circumstance or achievements and can be used to cover tuition fees or support you with your expenses. The trick to applying for one is to do your research and make sure you take your time to apply.  


Earn whilst you learn. There's lots of opportunities to find paid work while you're studying. Universities will have employability services to help you with things like writing a CV and applying for jobs.  


You can also take up a student job like a Student Ambassador role on campus which means you can work around your timetable, get experience and earn some extra cash. Make your money go further. There's lots of ways you keep on track of your spending.  


You could make the most of money by budgeting for the important things such as living costs, bills and essentials. As a students you'll also get loads of discounts to take advantage jobs so you can save more money on your extras too.  


You can get an NUS card to get good deals on things like days out and treats so, you CAN make the most of student life on a budget. That's just a few ways that you can make studying at uni more affordable.  


Check out our website for more information on what it's like to be a student at . Thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you around campus soon.  

How to make uni more affordable

Ways to save money

Ways to save money

We can help you find ways to afford day-to-day living costs and give you chances to save on going out, shopping and wellbeing.

Save on the cost of living

We’ll give you advice on how to make your money go further including:

  • Energy - guidance on paying your bills and help with finding warm places on and off campus to study and spend time
  • Food - buy cheap, fresh, quality food across campus through the and other discounts
  • Travel - save 30% off travel with a and another 30% off rail with a
  • Shopping - use the to get discounts and offers for top brands and local shops
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How you can save money on food as a student. We have to super affordable supermarkets less than 20 minutes from campus. Aldi and Asta Asta has loads of fresh food and kitchen essentials. Aldi is great for your weekly food shop.  


Don't forget to check out the middle aisle. To turn your groceries into cheap meals, check out Apps Like. Yumly, where you can enter your preferences and it finds all kinds of recipes for you. Yum Yum Or BBC Good Food which has loads of quick, healthy and affordable recipes.  


We partner with Togutogo on campus where you can grab goodie bags full of discounted treats. Twice a week, we have free food on campus. Enjoy!  

Save Money on Food

Get a head start at

To help ensure uni is affordable, we’re stepping up and doing everything we can to support our new students.

That’s why we’ve launched the MDX Student Starter Kit and MDX Excellence Scholarship, available for students starting this year.

Get a head start at Midd

Available to undergraduates, each kit contains up to £1,000 worth of goodies, including:

  • A new iPad or laptop
  • Cash to help with your studies

Find out more about MDX Student Starter Kits


Awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential.

The scholarship offers:

  • £2,000 in cash grants per academic year (maximum of £6,000 total)
  • Exclusive scholar experiences and support

Find out more about the MDX Excellence Scholarship

Free study support

Free study support

We can cover your costs for the day-to-day things that you need to succeed in your studies. These include:

  • Free laptop loans for a day or for a full term
  • Free access to everything on your reading list
  • Free specialist software for your course
  • Free printing for academic materials
  • Free online training with LinkedIn Learning.

We also provide free academic and study support with things like academic writing and maths, finding resources and IT. There is also free support available for your emotional wellness and mental health, including individual counselling sessions.

"One of the biggest perks of studying at as a creative student is the free printing facilities and the fact that we have free access to the creative cloud software. It saves a chunk of money that can be spent on other things such as materials. Not only that depending on the creative course you are in you get set amount of money on your card e.g. interior design £30 that can be spent on the uni store for materials and equipment towards projects."

Krisha Solanki, BA Interior Design with Foundation Year BA (Hons)

Student welfare and financial support

Student welfare and financial support

You can contact our welfare team either via (use the subject Student Welfare Advice in the enquiry) or you can (remember to include your phone number). They will get you through any financial, practical or legal challenges that you may face while you're studying. We can give advice on things like debt or housing costs and your rights.

For finance, which is open to everyone and can cover all kinds of costs you don't need to pay back, .

You can apply for financial support for undergraduate and postgraduate studies from the government.

We also have scholarships, bursaries and awards available, based on your academic achievement and personal circumstances.

We can also help you get extra grants for student parents and benefits, including for housing.

Get in touch with our Student Support teams

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Discounts for students

Work while you study

Work while you study

We have hundreds of student jobs on campus that pay the London Living Wage and above. Our will help you find paid part-time work for the University in a variety of student jobs on- and off-campus including Student Ambassador roles.

How to make uni more affordable

Other resources

There are lots of ways you can stay in control of your money as a student. Keep up to date with useful tips and check out the resources for students and site.

Watch this video to hear our top tips on looking after your finances and how you can make some extra cash while studying with us.

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