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CPD and skills for your organisation

offers skills development to individuals and organisations in areas in which it has profound research and practice-based knowledge. 

All of us put our own knowledge into action every day – with skills we have developed in our working lives. Skills that may be technical, commercial, managerial, social.

No organisation’s skill set is fixed. Today’s challenges mean that no organisation or individual can afford to stop developing their skill base. Changes in the law, in governance, technology, operating conditions, public expectations and much else mean that your organisation – and you – will need to learn how to do things afresh regularly.

How can help your organisation

can help. We have a lively portfolio of courses, programmes and approaches to learning – both for credit and without credit. We offer a catalogue of training and development for your organisations, as well as exciting options for work-based learning as your career develops.

We also offer organisations large and small the opportunity to send groups of staff to programmes, commission new skills development for your organisation directly, or bespoke solutions based on your tendered requirements. And we can help advise you on how to develop an integrated skills development portfolio for you and your organisation.

has developed a reputation for offering a vibrant catalogue of skills development activities. We’re a leading centre for research and practice in work based learning. Our Centre for Apprenticeships and Skills is a renowned leader in the development of new pathways for learning; and our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offer embraces programmes in healthcare, technology, creative arts practice, management and law – and much else. 

What can we do for you?

  • Design and deliver training and development courses for your organisation
  • Work with your organisation to create new apprenticeship or CPD programmes of training
  • Offer you personally opportunities for development that include single short courses, award-bearing CPD, work-based postgraduate study – or all of them as part of a progressive programme of development throughout your career.  

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Contact our knowledge exchange team to find out more about our CPD courses, or explore the research interests of our academic staff