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Make your future at , a top 4 UK university (Uni Compare, 2025). Our award-winning support and career-focused courses are designed to help you create a future that’s yours.

A future that's yours at

Make your future at

At our specialist, practice-based degree courses led by industry experts will develop your practical skills, knowledge, and experience to enhance your future employability.

Our undergraduate students have worked on live projects and work placements with leading organisations such as Google, ASOS, Disney and NHS Trusts.

We are proud that students voted us the 4th best UK University overall this year in the Uni Compare University Rankings 2025.

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Top 2 UK university for course quality (Uni Compare, 2025)

Experience specialist, practical courses to gain the skills you need in our 200m world-class facilities.


Top 10 UK university for industry connections and funding (THE Rankings 2024)

We have 1000+ industry links with leading brands in business, media, art, design, technology and health.


Top 8 UK university for employability (Uni Compare, 2025)

We offer work experience, industry accredited courses and lifetime career support to enhance your future employability.

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At , we have over 1 ,000 global industry connections across business, tech, health, sport and the creative industries. They help us to design our courses and they give you opportunities for placements and projects.

And you can make the most of lifetime employability support from our award -winning career service, MDXWorks. Like graduates, Teresa and Sarah. I graduated from journalism and media at .

I started business management. We had multiple guest speakers from across the whole media field. They were there to answer our questions, not only about how to take a job, but also what it is like to work in a field and what we should prepare for.

We've also had several guest speakers, so that was super inspiring for me to see that from the inside from someone. Throughout the years, we had options to apply for work experiences in the BBC London Guardian or London Live.

I did three internships and one of them was also in BBC London. So I started working at the local group when I was in second year of my education as a project coordinator, helping out the new head of diversity and inclusion.

The work experiences were only for the students. Your university and your lecturers, they can help you set you up with mentors. So it's all about contacts. Just approach people and try to grow your network as much as you can.

And can help you with that.

Global Industry and Professional Links and Your Career

Clearing opened on 5 July and is another opportunity to apply and start in September 2024. Here are some steps to consider

Application Frequently asked questions

Missing the UCAS deadline isn’t the end of the world you can still apply through Clearing which opens on July 5th. Find out about Clearing.

If you have changed your mind about your choices, you may be eligible to apply for different course or university:

  • Before receiving offers: Log in to UCAS Hub and modify your choices.
  • After receiving offers: Contact the universities directly to discuss changes
  • Considering clearing. Clearing is another chance for you to gain a place at University or college.

Find out more about clearing.

Clearing is your opportunity to apply for an undergraduate course at after receiving your exam results or if you haven’t yet applied through UCAS. Opening on Wednesday, July 5, 2024, you may be eligible to apply now if you have your results.

You can use Clearing if:

  • You’re applying after 30 June
  • You didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers
  • You’ve using the ‘decline my place’ button in your application
  • You already have your exam results.

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If you are not looking to apply until 2025 or later, it might be helpful to start researching and gathering information now. Here are a few ways to get more information:

  • Identify what you want to study: Browse our courses to help you find a course that suits your interest or career goals – search our courses
  • Explore the University and our facilities: Download our digital guide to get an overview of the campus and our faculties
  • Join an open day - book your spot
  • Virtual tours and campus visits: Even if your application is a few years away, virtual tours or campus visits can give you a better understanding of the campus environment, facilities, and offerings. You can tour the university virtually
  • Join our mailing list: Get updates on the latest events and activities for students – sign up for updates
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