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We appreciate all pledges of support made to and are delighted to use these contributions to enhance the work of the University and to promote our world around the world. There are different ways to become a donor.

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides support and opportunities for our students to enable them to make the best of their experience at . We will always let you know exactly where your donation is going, or if you would like your donation to go towards a particular student, project or cause then we will be happy to discuss your gift with you and tailor it to meet your needs.

Mike Harris, Annual Fund Donor

"I studied Computing with Business Information Systems from 1995 to 1998. I found people who shared the same objectives as me and we worked together. We left the University with 'good degrees' and got jobs that we were pleased with. I started to give financial support to the University when I graduated in 1998 as I value the way in which enables people from many academic backgrounds to gain a university education, and I wanted to support as my degree has opened so many doors for me.

"My donations have contributed in a small way to the redevelopment of the University and the support given to students. Prospective donors should think about what their degree has done for them and what the University does to help a wide range of people get the qualifications they need to get the job they want. Being a donor is a good way to give something back to the University which has helped you."


Donor scholarships provide financial aid to deserving students looking to start or continue their studies.

Frank Land, Scholarship Donor

Frank Land, Scholarship donor"The LEO Foundation was set up by the late David Caminer (pictured) to ensure the pioneering efforts of J. Lyons and LEO Computers in business computing would be remembered. We wanted to establish an e-memorial for David Caminer himself and thought that a scholarship would be a memorial David would have approved of. We chose as David Caminer was awarded an honorary degree by the University in appreciation of his life-long contribution to business computing. Ex- LEO employee the late Colin Tully held a chair in Computer Science at at the time of his death.

" has a high status in the study of Computer Science. The choice was clear. The LEO Foundation hopes that the scholarship will enable a student, preferably one who would otherwise find it difficult to carry on graduate studies, to make a contribution to the subject of his or her study, and personally benefit from these studies. The scholarship enables to provide its teaching and study skills to a worthy student and at the same time help the University in terms of reputation and reach. As his widow Jacky Caminer makes clear, David would have been delighted, but he would have loved to have had a personal impact on the student's course of study."

Robert Crozier, Scholarship Donor

Robert Crozier, Scholarship donorRobert Crozier qualified as an Environmental Health Officer in 1965 and spent two years as a District Inspector in Paddington before specialising in Food Hygiene and Control as a Senior Inspector with the City of Westminster. As his career progressed, Robert became Chief Environmental Health Officer, with responsibility for the Council's Pest Control Service and the practical training of students, giving lectures on identifying high risks under new regulations during the 1970s and 80s. He also spent time in the Magistrates Courts working on the closure and prosecution of businesses, including world-famous London hotels.

Upon his retirement after 30 years of service, Robert asked colleagues to donate to a collection to establish The University Food Safety Prize Fund to reward exceptional Environmental Health students. is the only university in London offering the BSc Environmental and Public Health BSc degree.

"I was very impressed and couldn't think of a better academic institution to support," Robert said. "I had a lot of help in my early career and would like to give something back to the young people today."


Remembering in your will provides a lasting legacy of support.  No matter how large or small, every legacy makes a very real difference to and to future generations of students.

Sheila Moses, Legacy Donor

Shelia Moses has very generously left a bequest to in her will.

"There must be many alumni who, like myself, are now retired and living on a limited pension. We are thus not in a position to make significant financial gifts, but would want somehow to express our gratitude to . I have therefore made a bequest to in appreciation of my own life-enhancing experience as a mature student, first at Polytechnic as an undergraduate and then as a graduate student at ."

Get in touch

If you would like further information about becoming a donor to , please email our Development Team or call +44 (0) 20 8411 4389.

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