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Uni on a budget

How we can help with the costs of uni

We understand that course fees and living expenses are an important investment. We do everything we can to make uni affordable so you can make the most of your time as a student - and hopefully worry less about your budget.

With the rising cost of living, we’ve made extra money available, we’re reducing the costs of studying and we’re offering personal financial advice.

Plan your budget

We try to be clear about expected costs at uni to help plan your finances for your time here.

What uni costs

Here are some estimated costs of living as a student in London:

  • Tuition feescheck your course page
  • Accommodation and bills - £550 to £800 each month
  • Food and drink - £90 each month plus £35 on takeaways and eating out
  • Entertainment - £50 each month or up to £20 to £50 each week depending on you
  • Wellbeing - £10 each month
  • Clothes and shopping - £30 each month
  • Transport - £28 each month with Student Oystercard
  • Visa costs - If you need a visa to study in the UK you will need to cover the cost and have a certain amount of money in your bank account. More about Visa costs

from student cost of living reports in 2022.

Plan your budget

Open Days

Discover more about our range of courses and get a feel for life at for yourself at our next Open Day.

How to make uni more affordable

There are lots of ways you can stay in control of your money as a student. Watch this video to hear our top tips on looking after your finances and how you can make some extra cash while studying with us.

Get a head start at

To help ensure uni is affordable, we’re stepping up and doing everything we can to support our new students.

That’s why we’ve launched the MDX Student Starter Kit and MDX Excellence Scholarship, available for students starting in 2023.

Discover how you could receive £1,000+ in goodies, cash rewards and more.

Find out more information

Extra money for living costs

Finance you don't need to pay back

Our Living Costs Fund is open to all students and can cover all kinds of costs. We also have scholarships, bursaries and awards based on your academic achievement and personal circumstances.

Loans, grants and benefits

You can apply for financial support for undergraduate and postgraduate students from the government. We can also help you get extra grants for student parents and benefits, including for housing.

Work while you study

We have hundreds of student jobs on campus that pay the London Living Wage and above. Our career and employability service will help you find paid work off campus too, including during the holidays.

Value for money

We cover your costs for the day to day things that you need to do well in your studies.

  • Free laptop loans for a day or for a full term
  • Free access to everything on your reading list
  • Free specialist software for your course
  • Free printing for academic stuff
  • Free online training with LinkedIn Learning

We also give you free academic and study support like with academic writing and maths, finding resources and IT. There is free support for your emotional wellness and mental health, including individual counselling sessions.

Student support

Ways to save money

We can help you afford day to day living costs and give you chances to save on going out, shopping and wellbeing.

Save on the cost of living

We’ll give you advice on how to make your money go further including:

  • Energy - guidance on paying your bill and help warm finding places on and off campus to study and spend time.
  • Food - buy cheap, fresh, quality food across campus through the 2goodtogo app and other discount
  • Travel - save 30% off travel with a  and another 30% off rail with a 
  • Shopping - use the  to get  discounts and offers for top brands and local shops.

Get personal finance advice

Our student welfare team will get you through any financial, practical or legal challenges that you face when you're studying, like advice on debt or housing costs and your rights.

Info about money online

  • resources for students
  • provides free, impartial advice
  • has great tips for renting, jobs and things to do.

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