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Business management and sales

A business management and sales apprenticeship

Develop an apprenticeship that will fast-track your employees' career development. It's an opportunity to embed strategic business knowledge and skills within your organisation - and develop talented leaders who'll stay with you.

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Our business and sales expertise

We work with professionals and industry leaders to explore new ways to improve their employees' skills and knowledge through work-based learning.

50+ years of working with business

We introduced the first business degree over 50 years ago and we continue to innovate today. Our long-standing experience and the high quality of our programmes have established us as a leader in professional education in the UK and internationally.

Our track record in retail

We develop work-based higher education programmes for major players in the retail sector. Previously we've previously worked with Marks & Spencer and we're now working nationally with Asda. We're also a member of the National Skills Academy for Retail Higher Education Advisory Group.

  • Degree apprenticeships programmes in business and sales

    • Business to Business Sales Professional
    • Chartered Manager
    • (Senior Leader - MBA)
    • Coaching
  • Recognition for our work

    • Queen's Anniversary Prize for innovation in work-based learning
    • Higher Education Academy Centre of Excellence for work-based learning
    • European Commission best practice case study for university-business collaboration through work-based learning.

Our partnership with Worldpay

We've collaborated with global payment processing leader  Group plc to deliver a master’s degree in Management in the International Payments Ecosystem that is the first of its kind in the sector.

This flexible, two-year programme means Worldpay employees can study as they work, using online tools and completing work-based assessments. Topics include payment industry fundamentals, business strategy, management perspectives and research methods.

Developing Asda's workforce

We've worked with Asda to create a degree programme that has become a key aspect of their workforce development strategy. Our BA (Hons) Retail Management integrates Asda Retail Academy in-company training with work-based university modules leading to specific management job roles, from Section Leader to General Store Manager.

This isn't a degree apprenticeship at present; however, it's a great model to follow when designing a programme to be aligned with an employer's talent management activities.

Our work-based learning partnerships

We work with a wide range of businesses developing a bespoke response to their workforce development. Our partnerships include:

  • Worldpay
  • Consalia
  • Mitsubishi
  • Asda
  • Royal Mail
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Toshiba Tec
  • Sony Mobile

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